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    Make sure you have met all of the requirements before applying:
    - Rank knight and above
    - Know most of the community
    - Have at least 20 forum posts

    - Have past experience as staff on other servers.
    - Have 3+ Trophys

    How old are you?

    (You must be above 14)
    Where are you from & what's your timezone?
    (Required for staffing times)
    What's your past experience with being staff?
    (Make as much effort as possible, a few lines is not acceptable)
    Why should we choose you as a Helper?
    (We want great detail in this so you can persuade us to approve you)
    What inspired you to apply?
    (Just to know what made you want to apply)
    What could you offer the server over other applicants?
    (Persuasive text is needed here)
    What positive could you offer the server?

    Good luck to whoever applies! :)

    Applications are currently closed.
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