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    In order to proceed in our event, you must create a forum account to post here! /mail's in-game won't be counted toward this event.

    For our first prize this spring, we need you all to guess a number from 1 - 100, please post your number on this thread! You may also attempt our 3rd place prize by guessing the missing word from the following sentence, You need to remember, that the first person to POST the correct word wins, Second prize can only be done in-game on the 26th of March, Goodluck to all who posts their lucky number below! As stated, we use www.random.org/ to generate the number, we will also post evidence of our lucky winner through a Gyazo screenshot! Goodluck everyone! :)

    Sentence: When I was six my sister was ____ my age, now I am 60, how old is she? (Clue is 57)
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  2. MunchPlayz

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    1 - Hope I win.
  3. RRKS101

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  4. Red Steiner

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  5. RRKS101

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    sentence: I have no bloody idea

    ¯\_ ͠° ͜ʖ ° _/¯

    I might have an idea btw is this set in a leap year
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  6. RRKS101

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    she is 5 years and 52.177457 days presuming it isn't a leap year
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