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Discussion in 'Support' started by fields16, Aug 19, 2017.

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    I have started playing on TechniCube this past week. When I first started playing my friend and I had an enjoyable time, low lag, nice kits to help start out, and the random teleport to aid in finding an area. I have occasionally played throughout the week, but not as much as the first time due to school and other life things, but today I joined and had spare time one my hands so I planned on spending a while on the server. Right off that bat I was noticing lag. I wasn't sure if it my just my internet connection being substandard at the moment, or if it was some other problem, so I dealt with it. As time continued on I was getting more and more frustrated with it and other players joined and complained about the lag as well. I have been enjoying this server so far and I was wondering if a staff member could take the time to find and fix the problem.
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