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    Today I DID Craft a banned item (Ignition Ring) I didn't know it was banned. I was using it across the terrain, not peoples bases or structures. Just because I thought it looked cool. When I tried to move it in my inventory, I discovered it was banned. I told another player earlier that it was cool, he crafted it and was using it to draw Swastikas, across a desert. Later the day I was chatting with Kirito_Kazuto314 , He wanted to light his fireplace. I made another 2 as the one I had earlier fell on the floor. I just want to say, I don't INTEND to greif with banned items, I just thought it was cool. He lit his fire after he bought it off me on an auction. I later, set a desert on fire and watch as the flames disappear and I ask him to tp because I wanted to show him and he says I was breaking the rules, I didn't know if it was a bug or not, because I could craft the item but not move it in my inventory. He threw his in his now lit fireplace, but I kept mine because I found it cool, I could light fireplaces, fires and other things. He told me I was "Greifing the world" I asked him what it meant by that, because by mining for ore, you are technically "Greifing the World" My obsidian biome near my house I made with a Dark Matter Factory, Was that greifing the world, By breaking any block you haven't claimed does that count as greifing the world. After a little arguing, I eventually threw it in the fire infront of him and its gone. I also own a zero ring, which I use to farm snow, He asked me to destroy that but I didn't as I was using it for a practical reason. Now I realise that what I done in the first place was wrong, crafting the ring. I didn't want to just leave it, Kirito says he would get me banned if I use it anywhere near his base. I just wanted to confirm it if anyone says anything. The other player who crafted one and was using it to draw swastikas was Jleon24YT. I convinced him to also throw his away but don't have proof he did, but I think he did. I just thought that I wanted to admit to what I did wrong, and promise to never craft one again.
    Yours Sincerely

    PS: Goo27 at about 21:00 - 21:30 Was asking for items, He started asking for items. I told him to stop as its against the rules ( Respect Staff and Players ) After he asked me a few times, and kept requesting to tp to me. I did /randomtp and accepted his request he asked me where my base was and I said not here. A few messages later he said (goo27 -> me) Don't be an awkward bi**h and help someone. He started saying that admins aren't sad enough to look back through console, to find stuff, after I said to him that they know what you say in /msg. He also said that MunchPlayz is scared of admins in chat. I'm not scared of admins, I respect them, I believe people shouldn't harass people for items, After they have said no once already.
    Thanks for reading this, I hope it helps.

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