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Do you want as your playtime increases, you get access to more "Banned" items.

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  1. MunchPlayz

    MunchPlayz New Member

    This article will have 2 parts, the first one will be about /warp banned and the other about a way to improve the banned items system.
    1. At /warp banned it only mentions 6 banned items, this is not true, there are more than 6 banned items. Such as the Dark Matter Hammer, Mining Laser, Nova Catalyst and Destruction Catalyst. Me and my friend (ChrisJim2012) have tried crafting these items early game, thinking they weren't banned as they were not at /warp banned. To our surprise we found out that we had wasted our resources with a surprise banned item. I believe this is slightly unfair on the players side as they didn't know what they were crafting was banned.
    2. Unbanning USEFUL banned items at higher ranks. What I'm saying is, the more a player dedicates to the server, the more trusted they should be. Okay, so a member joins makes a destruction catalyst and griefs, That isn't what I'm talking about. If he joined and he found out he had to play for a certain amount of time to unlock it, he would just leave and go to another server. The destruction catalyst, mining laser, dark matter hammer . . . etc, are all useful items, if in the right hands. It would really improve the experience of the server if these were unbanned the more time you play on the server, it could also make use of the plus ranks ( Citizen+, Knight+) So it could go like this :
    Citizen+ - Unlocks DM Hammer
    Knight+ - Unlocks Mining laser
    If you understand this, then I would love for this to be implemented into the server, if you can do it. I think that it wouldn't cause grief, and if someone did grief with it they could have a temp ban and get playtime removed.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you take it into consideration.
    From MunchPlayz.

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